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Attorney Norman Pattis responds to ‘Gone Girl’ author’s statement

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Fotis Dulos’ attorney Norman Pattis has responded to the author of Gone Girl novel Gillian Flynn’s statement regarding the Jennifer Dulos disappearance.

Gillian Flynn, the author of Gone Girl, a book published in 2012 which was later created into a movie in 2014, based on a woman who stages her death and frames her husband for her disappearance, has issued a statement in regards to her novel becoming a part of the investigation into missing New Canaan mother, Jennifer Dulos:

I’ve seen in recent coverage that Jennifer’s husband and his defense attorney have put forward a so-called “Gone Girl theory” to explain Jennifer’s disappearance. It absolutely sickens me that a work of fiction written by me would be used by Fotis Dulos’s lawyer as a defense, and as a hypothetical, sensationalized motive behind Jennifer’s very real and very tragic disappearance.

– Gillian Flynn, author of ‘Gone Girl’

On Tuesday, Attorney Norman Pattis responded to her statement with the following:

Gillian Flynn’s ‘Gone Girl’ is the best book I’ve ever read on the misleading nature of circumstantial evidence. She made a fortune in royalties from the book and movie adaptation. Just how her fictional aptitude translates into expertise on an actual criminal case is an even greater mystery, however. Candidly, Gillian’s ignorant fulminations about the Dulos case play to the very impulses she exploited in her book. So here’s a message to Gillian. Be gone, girl. There’s serious work to be done here. This isn’t fiction. It’s reality.”

– Attorney Norm Pattis

Nancy Mastrocosta, the Secretary General of the HWWF (Hellenic Waterski and Wakeboard Federation) released a detailed statement on her observations regarding the relationship between Fotis Dulos and his children during Water skiing practices and events.

Jennifer Dulos has been missing since May 24th.

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