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Father convicted of throwing infant son off bridge takes case to state Supreme Court

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A man convicted of killing his infant son by throwing him off a bridge headed to the state's highest court on Thursday.

Tony Moreno, 24, was sentenced to 70 years in prison in 2017 for throwing 7-month-old Aaden off of the Arrigoni Bridge in 2015.

On Thursday, attorneys on both sides talked to a panel of seven judges about whether or not police made mistakes while interviewing Moreno in his hospital room.

Moreno's attorney, Norm Pattis, said that Moreno was interviewed while medicated at Hartford Hospital after he was pulled from the Connecticut River.

"Statements that he made when he was under the influence of narcotics were used against him in ways that would never be permitted in any other context. If you watch the video tape of his confession, and ask yourself, would you buy a car from this person in that condition? The answer is no," said Attorney Norm Pattis.

Investigators said he jumped off the bridge himself after tossing over his son.

Court documents said that because Moreno's hands were bound in the hospital bed, he did not execute a written waiver for his Miranda Rights and certain portions of the interrogation were not recorded, including when he orally waived his rights.

The state disagrees, saying they agree with the judge in the original trial, where Judge Elpedio Vitale denied motions to suppress statements Moreno made, saying he was alert and able when he admitted to throwing the baby off of the bridge.

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