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Former FBI Agent weighs in on Dulos’ case

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Monday marks 17 days since the disappearance of New Canaan mother of five. Jennifer Dulos.

And, a retired FBI agent said this case bares a striking resemblance to a case wrapped up 30 years ago.

“Right now, the key piece of evidence is a body and they don’t have that,” said Ken Gray, former special agent in the New Haven division of the FBI, about the Jennifer Dulos missing persons case

Ken Gray said the Dulos case is similar to the Helle Crafts wood chipper murder case. Her husband, Richard Crafts, was convicted of murder despite no body being found.

“But, they did have some tissue,” Gray said. “They had a fingernail, toenail, hair and a tooth all that were connected back to Helle Crafts.”

Conversely, in the Dulos case, the only discovery thus far has been Jennifer Dulos' blood, inside of her house and on items discarded in trash receptacles along Albany Avenue in Hartford

“So, the question comes up, is there some other explanation,” wondered Gray. “And, a good defense attorney might said ‘well, she was injured and they cleaned up the injury,’”

Two other similarities in the Crafts and Dulos cases: both couples had been embroiled in divorce proceedings at the time the wives disappeared. And, both women expressed fear of their husbands.

“Everybody needs to calm down and take a deep breath,” said Attorney Norm Pattis, who represents Fotis Dulos, the estranged husband of Jennifer Dulos. “Let the facts speak about this case rather than rushing to an opinion one way or the other.”

Pattis spoke about the case First on FOX61. Dulos and his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, have been charged with hindering prosecution and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.

“I’m not seeing a murder here,” Pattis said. “I’m not necessarily sure I see the tampering.”

Last week, Troconis, who bonded out of jail, met with State Police and the Stamford State’s Attorney. Ken Gray thinks that is a sign authorities are hoping she will finally start to talk.

“I don’t know what she’s saying or why,” Pattis said. “If she knew, in fact, something that was highly incriminating, I presume we would know that by now.”

Pattis insists his client has already been convicted by innuendo and the media.

For those, who have any leads for New Canaan Police or any investigators, there is a new website called FindJenniferDulos.com. You can also feel free to email [hidden email].

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