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Former Yale Student Found Not Guilty Of Sex Assault

The student was found not guilty after a trial that drew national attention.

New Haven Patch - Local News
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Former Yale Student Found Not Guilty Of Sex Assault

A former Yale University student was found not guilty of sexual assault after a trial.Saifullah Khan was charged with sexual assault in the first, second, third and fourth degrees.

Khan testified that the sex three years ago with the complainant was consensual and that she invited him into her bed, according to the New Haven Register. She on the other hand said Khan took advantage of her being intoxicated.

The incident in question happened Halloween night in 2015. Khan's lawyers asked if the complainant had been flirting with Khan days before and if she sat in his lap and kissed him, according to the New York Times.

Khan's case drew national attention as many reported college rapes aren't reported to law enforcement. The Department of Justice estimates between four and 20 percent of reports are made to law enforcement. Often the reports are made to school officials.

Khan was suspended from the school in 2015. His attorneys are asking Yale to readmit him now that he has been cleared of criminal charges. They asserted he was a scapegoat for previous handling of other sexual assault cases at Yale.

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