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Jennifer Dulos Husband New Claim: My missing wife is trying to frame me!

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Jennifer Dulos Husband New Claim: My missing wife is trying to frame me!

Attorneys representing the estranged husband of a missing Connecticut mother are expanding a theory that Jennifer Farber Dulos staged her disappearance to frame him.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, 51-year-old Fotis Dulos has maintained his innocence amid claims that he and his girlfriend tampered with evidence. Though the divorcing couple were embroiled in a bitter custody battle, he claimed they had been getting along better than usual at the time she vanished in May.

According to the Hartford Courant, his lawyers are now seeking medical records for Farber Dulos in what they say is a search for clues about her possible whereabouts.

“The defendant seeks information about the diagnosis and treatment Ms. Dulos received in the weeks before her disappearance as such information may shed light on what may have motivated her to disappear,” wrote attorney Norm Pattis in a motion filed in Stamford Superior Court this week.

The motion goes on to assert that Farber Dulos had previously threatened to “do anything she had to to make sure [Fotis Dulos] did not get custody of their children.”

Attorneys argue that the missing woman underwent a series of diagnostic tests in the months leading up to her disappearance, totaling at least $14,000.

As part of their motion, they indicated a desire to determine whether she was “alarmed by her diagnosis and fearing that she might not be able to raise the children on her own” when she “took steps to cause her own disappearance in such a way as to raise suspicions about Mr. Dulos.”

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