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Do you need a Connecticut CT Criminal Lawyer?

New Haven CT Connecticut criminal lawyer Norm Pattis, bestselling author and legal expert for national media outlets, founded The Pattis & Associates, LLC Law Firm to aggressively fight for your rights and freedom while minimizing the impact of criminal charges on your life. In some cases Norm Pattis and The Pattis & Associates, LLC Law Firm criminal defense lawyers can get state or federal criminal charges dismissed altogether.

Criminal Lawyers in Connecticut State and NY Federal Courts

Norm Pattis and The Pattis & Associates, LLC Law Firm criminal lawyers have an exceptional defense and appeals track record in felony and misdemeanor cases including:

Norm Pattis is rated among the best criminal lawyers in Connecticut and America. He appears in all Connecticut courts, federal courts in New York, and as lead trial counsel in cases across the United States. Pattis & Associates attorneys are talented, tactical team players and consistently outwork those who would jail or otherwise penalize our clients.

For Criminal Defense Clients of our New Haven, CT Firm Our Team Quickly...

  • Seeks your release without bail or bail reduction to the lowest possible amount
  • Immediately demands all police reports, evidence, and witnesses against you
  • Reviews circumstances to identify civil rights violations
  • Challenges flawed police reports and seeks exclusion of improper evidence
  • Investigates and discredits untruthful witnesses
  • Develops alternate theories and explanations to identify reasonable doubt
  • Relentlessly attacks every defect in the prosecutor’s case
  • Negotiates to have charges quickly reduced or dismissed altogether

Civil Rights Cases and High Conflict Civil Trials in Connecticut and NY Federal Courts

Norm Pattis represents people whose Civil Rights have been violated by police, prosecutors, federal agents and others. Norm's multiple million dollar verdicts for victims as well as successful defenses of police officers wrongfully accused of Civil Rights violations, including police brutality, are well-chronicled in the media and court records.

The Pattis & Associates team is often brought in for high-conflict, high stakes civil trials, ranging from Connecticut high net worth divorce disputes to civil fraud defense, where Mr. Pattis’ eloquent and aggressive style demonstrate why legal icon F. Lee Bailey describes Norm as "The last of the slash and burn trial lawyers" and Newsday labels him "Legal Top Gun."

Act quickly to protect your rights – call our experienced New Haven Criminal Lawyers

Our national reputation for winning big cases at trial forces prosecutors and other opposing counsel to rethink the charges against you and reevaluate their chances of success at trial which maximizes your chances of avoiding a criminal conviction and avoiding jail time.

If you have been charged with a crime and your freedom is at stake you must act quickly to preserve your rights. For fast action 24/7 contact The Pattis & Associates, LLC Law Firm criminal defense and civil rights team for an immediate consultation.
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