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Have you been arrested for Battery or Assault in a Connecticut criminal court? You should contact a Pattis & Associates Assault and Battery criminal defense attorney immediately. Our experienced criminal lawyers have remarkably successful strategies for defending people charged in CT with Assault, Battery, Aggravated Assault and/or Aggravated Battery.

Norm Pattis, Noted Trial Attorney and Bestselling Author, Wants you to Know:

  • Battery charges in Connecticut include simple battery, sexual battery, battery related to family violence and aggravated battery;
  • Aggravated battery comes into play when a person intends to cause serious bodily harm, as would be the case if they used a weapon, or if the battery is directed toward a minor, a police officer, or other legally protected person;
  • Assault is similar to battery but requires only a threat of violence, rather than an actual touching of the victim and it becomes aggravated assault if there is a deadly weapon involved or if done with the intent to commit a felony.

Why is it Important to contact a Connecticut Criminal Attorney Immediately?

Law enforcement, including police, prosecutors, investigators and others involved in the Connecticut Criminal Justice system have been working to build a case against you long before you were charged with Battery, Assault, Aggravated Battery, or Aggravated Assault. You should therefore act quickly to prevent the CT law enforcement and judicial system from gaining even more of an unfair advantage.

If you are innocent of the crime charged or if your civil rights were violated or if circumstances can be explained, our criminal defense lawyers will focus on having the arrest invalidated, evidence excluded from consideration, and implement a strategy to have the charges dismissed and your criminal record erased.

It is important to talk to the experienced CT Assault and Battery lawyers at the Pattis & Associates, LLC Law Firm immediately to preserve your rights.

Pattis & Associates New Haven Based Criminal Lawyers Act Quickly in Battery and Assault Cases

Norm Pattis and the Pattis & Associates, LLC Law Firm legal defense team quickly identify weaknesses and imperfections in the prosecutor’s case and will immediately:

  • Demand the details of the case against you (witnesses, evidence, charges…)
  • File motions to exclude evidence (illegally obtained or otherwise flawed)
  • Investigate witness credibility

Our Assault and Battery defense team will also review your background to list all factors a prosecutor can consider for a dismissal or reduction of the Battery or Assault charges or that a judge can use to dismiss the case or limit the penalty to probation or some other lesser punishment.

We want to protect your rights and get the Battery, Aggravated Battery, Assault, or Aggravated Assault charge against you dismissed. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to start on your defense.

Pattis & Associates, LLC Law Firm criminal lawyers are known throughout Connecticut and all of New England for aggressive and proactive and successful defense. Call us if you are facing an Assault or Battery charge to learn how we can help.

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