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Sampling of Noteworthy Cases


  • Multiple recent successes in Divorce, Child Custody, Real Estate, and Financial cases.
  • King v Verdone et al. - $2.1 million Civil rights verdict for prisoner beaten after a failed escape attempt
  • Peterson et al. v City of Hartford - $3.2 million verdict for nine white and Hispanic firefighters claiming reverse discrimination
  • Broadnax v City of New Haven - $1.5 million dollar verdict for highest ranking black female firefighter alleging gender discrimination
  • Successful defense of senior Connecticut prosecutor accused of intimidating a witness before Bar regulators
  • Confidential settlement in case involving the contract shooting of a weightlifter by a hit man financed by a disgruntled business partner
  • Numerous verdicts ranging from $700,000 for claims alleging unreasonable force, false arrest, malicious prosecution, violation of 1st Amendment rights and employment discrimination
  • Representation of parents in high-conflict post-judgment custody battle (Zilkha case)
  • Frequent representation of public officials including police officers and firefighters involved in labor disputes
  • Represented Occupy New Haven in federal litigation to extend their stay on Town Green
  • Frequent representation of inmates in claims for post conviction release


  • Connecticut State Supreme Court reinstated Bridgeport school board after ouster by state administrators.
  • Appeared before United States Supreme Court in Porter v Nussle, a case arising under the Prison Litigation Reform Act
  • Lawyer associated with the firm appeared before the United States Supreme Court in Ricci et al. v DeSefano et al., a case involving employment discrimination of a firefighter
  • Reversed State Board of Education disbanding of local municipal school board in CT Supreme Court
  • Reversed judgment of conviction in sexual assault case by challenging scope of uncharged misconduct evidence before the Connecticut Supreme Court
  • Argued scores of appeals of civil rights cases involving police misconduct and employment discrimination in the U.S. Court of Appeals 2nd Circuit
  • Argued scores of appeals in criminal cases in Connecticut Appellate and Supreme Court including death penalty conviction of Daniel Webb and Richard La Pointe
  • Argument set for case challenging prosecutorial immunity in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, May 29, 2012


  • State v. John Gibbs: Acquittal of murder after confessing to the shooting.
  • State v. Larry Johnson: Acquittal of murder involving allegation defendant shot and killed victim in retaliation for a stabbing earlier the same evening.
  • Hung jury in case alleging gang-related shooting in Hartford’s North End.
  • Hung jury in federal narcotics and firearms case after federal officers discovered kilos of cocaine and guns in defendant’s car and apartment.
  • Dismissal of murder charges against two brothers in New Haven
  • Dismissal of child sex charges against man accused of "Romeo-Juliet" sex crime
  • Not guilty verdict in cases charging murder, felony murder of a police officer, and attempted murder of police officers
  • Not guilty verdicts in manslaughter case against mother arising from auto accident in which two of her three children were killed
  • Acquittal of Clarence Willoughby, a former homicide detective accused of stealing funds intended for a confidential informant
  • Acquittal in "Spanking Minister" case, accused of risk of injuries to a minor for engaging in corporal punishment
  • Acquittal in point blank shooting on claim of misidentification
  • Acquittal in larceny case involving co-investors in real estate deal gone sour
  • Acquittal in federal Workers Compensation fraud case
  • Appearances before federal "Death Panel" to persuade prosecutors not to seek the death penalty

Of course, most cases are resolved by way of plea negotiations, a record of trial success yields better offers.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome

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