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Connecticut Internet Solicitation of a Minor Lawyer

Have you been charged with Internet Solicitation of a Minor in a Connecticut criminal court?

Our CT criminal lawyers can help.

If you are facing Internet Solicitation of a Minor or other Internet Sex Crime charges in New Haven, Milford, Meriden, Middletown or any other Connecticut city you should contact a criminal defense lawyer at The Pattis & Smith Law Firm immediately. Our experienced criminal attorneys have been successful at aggressively defending people in sex offense cases as well as against other serious criminal charges for 20 years.

Norm Pattis, one of America’s most experienced criminal attorneys for sex crime cases, wants you to know:

  • Internet Solicitation of a Minor is a serious charge that prosecutors pursue aggressively;
  • Potential penalties in Internet Sex Crime cases include significant prison time;
  • Factors in this type of sex offense charge will include the age of the accuser, circumstances surrounding the alleged solicitation, your record of prior convictions (or lack of one), strength of the evidence, credibility of witnesses, and your reputation and credibility;
  • In Internet Sex Crime cases where the alleged victim was contacted through instant messaging or over a social media platform such as Facebook, there are viable successful strategies relating to the social media platform and/or messaging service.

If your civil rights were violated in your arrest or if the evidence against you was gathered in a way that might be a civil rights violation, our criminal defense lawyers will have the arrest invalidated, the evidence excluded, and all charges dismissed.

Innocent of an Internet Sex Crime or Can the Circumstances be Explained?

If you are not guilty of the online solicitation charge or if there are circumstances that can be explained, you should understand the police, with their presumption of guilt investigative process, sometimes get it wrong.

You should consult a criminal defense lawyer with Internet Sex Crime experience, prior to speaking to the police. The prosecutor and police have already lined up a case against you including police reports, witnesses, computer logs, and other evidence. You must act quickly to prevent the state from gaining even more of an unfair advantage.

Whether this is your first charge or if you have a record of prior offenses your first step in protecting and defending yourself is to quickly connect with the experienced Connecticut Internet Solicitation and Internet Sex Offense defense attorneys at The Pattis & Smith Law Firm to preserve your rights and begin your defense.

Norm Pattis and The Pattis & Smith Law Firm Internet Sex Crime Defense Team Will:

Our online solicitation defense lawyers will quickly look for weaknesses in the case against you and our activities will include:

  • An immediate demand for every detail of the prosecutor’s case;
  • Motions to exclude irrelevant or illegally obtained evidence;
  • Investigation into the credibility of accusers and witnesses.

The Pattis & Smith Law Firm defense team will also review your circumstances to identify every factor that supports your credibility and reputation that a prosecutor or judge can consider in contemplation of dismissing the case or limiting the charges or potential penalties.

We want to protect your rights and help get the Internet Sex Crime or Internet Solicitation of a Minor charge against you reduced and/or dismissed altogether. We have proven defense strategies for every Internet Sex Crime allegation and a Pattis & Smith attorney is on call 24/7! Call right away to learn your options and preserve your rights.

Call Pattis & Smith now: 203.393.3017 or

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