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Connecticut Police Officer Defense Lawyers

CT Lawyers for Disciplinary, Civil Rights & Criminal Police Defense

Disciplinary Hearing Lawyers for Connecticut Police

Our attorneys represent police, corrections officers, and prosecutors in disciplinary hearings and in all law enforcement employment disputes when your career and reputation are at stake.

Bad shootings, all misconduct allegations, inappropriate use of force, and any charges that might lead to termination or suspension require a lawyer experienced in these precise matters. Our lawyers are relentless advocates for an officer’s rights when facing administrative or judicial entities that become sudden opponents.

The Pattis & Smith Law Firm police defense lawyers have a record of winning reinstatement and additional remedies for law enforcement officials – prosecutors, police, and corrections. You should have a confidential discussion with a lawyer as early as possible to learn about and preserve your rights and commence your defense.

Our Lawyers Defend Connecticut Police in Criminal Prosecutions Too

The Pattis & Smith Law Firm Connecticut criminal attorneys defend police, prosecutors, corrections officers and all law enforcement officials facing serious federal or state criminal charges when prison or jail is a possible outcome.

If the charges against you as a police or other law enforcement officer are:

  • A violent felony such as homicide, battery, or domestic violence;
  • A drug crime or sex offense including rape, solicitation, possession, manufacturing; or
  • A financial fraud crime;

And your liberty is at risk, you should quickly speak to a Pattis & Smith criminal lawyer to preserve your rights.

Our criminal defense attorneys have successfully defended officers and prosecutors against every sort of state and federal criminal charge. We understand the special risks and unique challenges facing any law enforcement official in a criminal prosecution with a possible prison outcome.

Defense Lawyers for Police in Dept. of Justice Civil Rights Prosecutions

Police officers are frequent and high visibility targets of Department of Justice prosecutors who target officers as examples or follow a political agenda with no consideration for an officer’s rights who becomes ensnared in a DOJ crusade.

A law enforcement officer who receives a summons for a grand jury (federal) or some other Justice Department effort, e.g. 18USC241 and 18USC242 cases, faces severe potential legal consequences. A defense lawyer must understand in detail this unique subset of criminal law. We do.

Norm Pattis and The Pattis & Smith Law firm criminal attorneys stand up to the often bullying tactics federal prosecutors use in civil rights cases against police. We are powerful advocates in both the courts and the media for Connecticut police officers when trouble finds them.

Here’s Why CT Police Officers Facing Charges Should Act Quickly

By the time a law enforcement officer or prosecutor hears about criminal charges or a disciplinary hearing, a case against you is already in process and you must act quickly to preserve your rights by retaining counsel at your earliest opportunity.

When you are facing the loss of your livelihood, possible prison time, and other negative consequences to your family you should select an exceptional lawyer. We are among Connecticut’s most experienced and successful criminal trial lawyers – our record for defending police officers, corrections officers, or prosecutors is remarkable and we look forward to sharing our outcomes to help with your attorney selection decision.

A Pattis & Smith criminal defense attorney is on call 24 – 7. Call now to learn your options and preserve your rights.

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