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‘Soccer Mom Madam’ pleads guilty to promoting prostitution

Manhattan ‘soccer mom madam’ is out of jail

Manhattan ‘soccer mom madam’ is out of jail

But she’ll wear ankle monitor until trial for running alleged prostitution ring

- Today
Hugging her husband and four children and nuzzling her family pets Tuesday night, alleged Manhattan "Soccer Mom Madam" Anna Gristina enjoyed her first taste of freedom after spending more than four months behind bars.
Released from Riker’s Island after posting a $250,000 bond, Gristina was seen clutching a dozen red roses and hugging her husband and son amidst a crush of media members as she exited the Manhattan Detention Complex shortly after 9 p.m. Gristina, 44, then returned to...

‘Soccer Mom Madam’: My family is ‘devastated’

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