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Estranged Husband In Missing Mom Case Has Alibi, Defense Lawyer Says

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Estranged Husband In Missing Mom Case Has Alibi, Defense Lawyer Says

As law enforcement continues an exhaustive search of garbage dumps, ponds, and woods for missing mother of five Jennifer Farber Dulos, her estranged husband's attorney Norm Pattis, says his client has an alibi.

Attorney Norm Pattis claimed during an interview with WFSB Eyewitness News 3 that Fotis Dulos was in Farmington and taking calls from his native Greece, adding that "they believe they have evidence to support that."

Jennifer Dulos has been missing for 25 days on Tuesday, June 18, after disappearing on Friday, May 24.

Since then an explosion of media attention has been heaped on police and the players involved including Fotis Dulos and his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis who were both arrested on charges of evidence tampering and hindering prosecution.

Their arrest came after they were allegedly seen on video surveillance dumping garbage bags in Hartford in which bloody items containing Jennifer Dulos' blood were found.

Both have pleaded not guilty and are out on $500,000 bond.

In other matters, Pattis has also filed two motions in Superior Court last week requesting discovery associated all evidence gathered at this point in the investigation, including surveillance video from private or public cameras and audio recordings,  phone records and other items.

A request has also been made for the return of Dulos' vehicles, two cell phones, a computer, and other items so he can conduct business.

In the Eyewitness News 3 interview, Pattis said that Fotis Dulos had returned to work, but was hampered by the hostility heaped toward him since his estranged wife disappeared.

Police in the meantime are continuing to search the recycling and garbage plant in Hartford and following up on more than 700 tips provided on a special site devoted to finding Jennifer Dulos .

Anyone with information regarding the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos is asked to contact the New Canaan Police tip line at (203) 594-3544.

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