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Fotis Dulos’ attorney speaks about investigation for first time

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In a FOX61 exclusive, reporter Dave Puglisi spoke with the newly hired defense attorney for Fotis Dulos, Norm Pattis Sunday.

Pattis and his firm are no strangers to high-profile cases. Pattis is currently representing Jones and Infowars in the civil suit filed against them by the families of Sandy Hook victims. He is not concerned about the current allegations facing Dulos as he begins building his defense. Instead, he thinks things aren’t always as they seem.

“He’s been convicted in a trial by innuendo and the press. I’m hoping for better from the jury,” said Pattis.

Dulos is currently being held on charges of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence and hindering an investigation in the first degree. Pattis believes all people are innocent until proven guilty.

“I’m not seeing a murder here. I’m not necessarily sure I see the tampering, but I’ll get a chance to review some of the evidence this week and I’m looking forward to it,” said Pattis.

Pattis has begun reviewing the details of what he calls "an unusual case" that has been sensationalized by the media and the public's opinion.

"Everyone needs to calm down. Take a deep breath. Let the facts speak about this case rather than rushing to an opinion one way or another," said Pattis.

On Thursday, Fotis’ girlfriend Michelle Troconis was in Westport holding a meeting with State Police and her lawyers. On Friday she was seen at Dulos' Farmington home located at 4 Jefferson Crossing walking police around the property with a lawyer present. Pattis was unconcerned about these developments.

"If she knew something that was in fact highly incriminating I presume we would know that by now," said Pattis.

Pattis and his team are currently working on a package to post Dulos’ bond sometime this week. He did not comment in detail when asked about Dulos’ mental and physical condition only saying he is doing fine.

"We know that this woman is missing. We don’t know where she is. The public narrative is that she’s been a victim of foul play and she may have well been. But by whom and under what circumstances is an open question right now," said Pattis.

Pattis will appear with Fotis for the first time in court on Tuesday as he begins his defense of his latest high-profile client. Until then he looks forward to proving the innocence of his client to not only a jury but in the court of public opinion.

Watch the exclusive full interview below:

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