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Fotis Dulos remains hospitalized; Attorney worries he won't recover

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The attorney for Fotis Dulos, who was found unresponsive in his home Tuesday, said he is worried his client won't recover.

Fotis Dulos is accused of killing his estranged wife Jennifer Dulos. He is currently in a hyperbaric chamber at a Bronx hospital.

"My understanding is he tried to end his own life today in the garage of his home," said Fotis Dulos' attorney, Norm Pattis.

Police responded to the 52-year-old's home after he didn't show up for an emergency bond hearing.

Pattis said the court had questions about the collateral to post his $6 million bond.

"Obviously, the potential for a bond revocation was devastating news to him. But throughout, he has been a fighter and resolute," said Pattis.

Police responded to Fotis Dulos' home around noon.

"When officers responded, they could see Mr. Dulos sitting in his garage and he was in obvious signs of medical distress," explained Tim McKenzie, with the Farmington Police Department.

Fotis Dulos and his wife, Jennifer, had five kids together and were in the middle of a messy divorce when Jennifer Dulos went missing in May.

Her body has not been found, but police said they have evidence of Fotis Dulos throwing away trash bags filled with her bloodstained clothes.

"We very much liked our options for trial and we very much liked the possibility of success, so this development comes as stunning news to me," said Pattis.

As police continue their investigation, Pattis has a message for those thinking this was a show of guilt.

"We have a presumption of innocence in this country for a reason and all the folks who harped on Mr. Dulos can obviously take some grim satisfaction in this event, but my message to all of them is shame on you," said Pattis.

A bond hearing is expected Wednesday, though Fotis Dulos won't be there.

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