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Fotis Dulos speaks to Greek newspaper, lawyer says he did not violate gag order

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Fotis Dulos speaks to Greek newspaper, lawyer says he did not violate gag order

The estranged husband of missing mother Jennifer Dulos has given an interview to a Greek outlet. That’s despite a judge barring Dulos, his attorneys, and the prosecution from speaking publicly about the case.

The popular weekly Greek newspaper, Proto Thema published the interview online last week.

In the interview, Fotis discussed the crumbling of his marriage and how Jennifer handled his request for a divorce.

“We decided to break up our marriage amicably,” Fotis said.

Fotis also commented on Jennifer’s alleged mental health saying “Jennifer was suffering from serious psychological problems that I didn’t immediately understand.”

“I am very concerned about her disappearance,” Fotis said when asked about his missing wife.

A judge has put a gag order on the case, preventing Dulos and his lawyers from commenting on the character, credibility, reputation or ciriminal record of a party, victim or witness.

FOX61 reached out to Dulos’ lawyer, Norm Pattis on whether this interview with Proto Thema violated that gag order.

Pattis insistent it did not.

“This isn’t even a close call. The comments were benign and discussed the history of a marriage,” Pattis said in a statement. “The order applies to comments about witnesses, victims, and trial participants. Jennifer is not a victim of any crime charged. She’s not a witness.”

Fotis Dulos and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis have been charged with Hindering Prosecution and Tampering with Evidence. Jennifer has still not been found after being missing for more than four months now.

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