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Judge scolds Alex Jones for accusing opposing lawyers of planting child porn

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Judge scolds Alex Jones for accusing opposing lawyers of planting child porn

Judge Barbara Bellis sent a stern warning to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones Tuesday, calling him "despicable" for accusing a lawyer representing Sandy Hook families of planting child pornography.

Sandy Hook families are suing Alex Jones over conspiracy theories he spread saying that the Newtown shooting that killed 26 students and faculty never took place.

As part of the suit, Jones turned over 58,000 emails. The FBI says 12 of them contained unopened links to child pornography.

Jones says Sandy Hook lawyers are trying to frame him. He offered $1 million during his radio show Friday to anyone that can find out where the files came from.

On Tuesday, lawyers for the Sandy Hook families said Jones' "reward" amounted to a threat against them.

"Right now…there is a uniformed Bridgeport police officer standing in our lobby. He's going to be there indefinitely,” says attorney Bill Bloss. “That's what we feel that we need to do, based on what has happened in this case up to this point."

Jones' lawyer, who appeared in the InfoWars broadcast with him on Friday when he offered the reward, says he was simply angry at being called a pedophile.

"Mr. Jones is a conspiracy theorist. He believes that there are people out to get him. And guess what? There are,” says Norm Pattis.

Judge Bellis was not buying that argument.

"What is indefensible, unconscionable, despicable, and possibly criminal behavior is to accuse opposing counsel, through a broadcast, no less, of planting child pornography," she says.

The judge accused Jones of using delay tactics to derail the case. She said if it happens again, she will rule in favor of the Sandy Hook families without a trial.

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