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Soccer Mom Madam begs for Rikers release

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Soccer Mom Madam begs for Rikers release
The lawyer for Soccer Mom Madam Anna Gristina issued a heartfelt plea to the judge in her case to allow the accused flesh peddler to be released on a reduced bond because her son is ill.

Her 9-year-year-old son, Nicholas, has developed a heart condition while the suburban mom stews on Rikers Island on $2 million bond after being charged with running a high end hooker ring on the Upper East Side.

“(Nicholas) suffers from a heart murmur,” her lawyer Norman Pattis wrote in his emergency appeal to Judge Juan Merchan. “The physician was unable to opine that the mother’s absence is either caused, or was a contributing factor to the development of, the murmur.”

Pattis argued in his letter that Gristina, who received the astronomical bail because she was heard on wiretaps planning to flee the country, would never leave the country with her child in this condition.

“Ms. Gristina’s love of, and concern for, her son renders her family ties to New York State even more enduring during this period of medical uncertainty.”

Pattis asked the judge to be heard on the lower bail issue on June 7.

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