F. Lee Bailey calls Norm Pattis One of the Giants of the Profession

The Scramble: What's Wrong with Connecticut Besides John Rowland

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Attorney Norm Pattis will preview the federal trial of former governor, John Rowland, which kicks off tomorrow in New Haven after a pre-trial conference today. Rowland is back in court trying to prove that he provided a payable service to the nursing home owned by Brian Foley and not just a sham to cover his efforts to influence the election of Foley's wife, former congressional candidate, Lisa Wilson-Foley. Also, will Rowland be allowed to use email communications between Foley and his lawyer that the government inadvertently leaked to Rowland's defense team?

Norm Pattis is a criminal defense and civil rights lawyer with offices in Bethany and New Haven, and he blogs at www.pattisblog.com. He is also the author of “Taking Back the Courts” and “Juries and Justice.”

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